Hey there!

My name is Malorrie Ann Nadeau. I grew up connected to the outdoors in Northern Maine. I found photography when I was a teen- and I found my sense of self when I stepped behind my camera. I photographed friends and classmates through out High School and after graduating I attended EMCC where I took several photography classes. Those classes helped me organize my photos and shoot in RAW. After graduating with my Associates Degree, I spent time nursing, working in a gym and a restaurant. From there, I leaped to follow my passion with my photography 3 years ago and never looked back. My photography is about slowing down, connecting to nature, and spending time with each other. It is about opening our hearts to the magic and beauty of the world around us. Taking the time to be in awe of the natural world connects us to each other. - I'd love to photograph you!

With love,

Malorrie Ann

Speaking my truth on Instagram, @sheoftheflowers, @lavendermama_, @butterflysoulyoga

Thank you for being here.