Hey there!

I'm a storyteller. I grew up in Northern Maine with my parents and cat. Photography has been my passion since I was a teen- I started by photographing my best friend and then branched out to photographing people I didn't know- for $ - cool right? I never really found my sense of self until I stepped behind my camera. After High School I decided to attend school for a Liberal Arts degree and took photography classes at EMCC. I'd say I'm mostly self taught, but those classes helped me organize my photos and I still use that knowledge in my work today. Before I went full time with my business, I spent time nursing and taking care of others. From there, I learned how to take care of myself, and believe in myself in my passions and interests. I became interested in being healthy and doing activities that engaged my whole being rather than just my mind. Yoga, meditation, running. After college I moved to Midcoast, Maine, and things started to fall into place for me. I met my partner, got pregnant with my son, started healing myself and deepening my connection to others. My photography is my passion. My photography allows me to be me. It allows me to connect to others. My photography is about slowing down, connecting to nature, and spending time with each other. It is about opening our hearts to the magic and beauty of the world around us. Taking the time to be in awe of the natural world connects us to each other. - Please don't fear to reach out. I'd love to have a conversation.

With love,

Malorrie Ann

Speaking my truth on Instagram, @sheoftheflowers, @lavendermama_, @butterflysoulyoga

Thank you for being here.